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In addition, it is best to know in advance that most of these services cannot be reconciled with the format of the initial document. These are mainly to pull the text, and that’s it. In this event, you need to set everything to a specific layout or format, and then after you get all the text in OCR, you will need to do this manually. In addition, the receipt of the text of the best results will be from the 200-DPI resolution of the document.


If you have a very low DPI picture, the result is not so good. It takes a lot of effort to see pictures with low-resolution and PDF files with very small characters. We can scan those old books, newspapers and magazines, which is the type of trouble when reading. Also, this shows that there is a lot of time to rewrite the entire paragraph of the PDF novel, a complete drilling task that makes us waste some valuable time we can use to do other things. We often search for an application or a Web site that solves all of these problems by extracting the entire text segment in a PDF document or by converting images in a Word file or TXT file, but online OCR services are not exactly what they expect. An increasing number of positive reviews from experienced companies attest to its excellent work, its simplicity and its own interface. Its optical character recognition guarantees a great and accurate performance. Free OCR to Word recognition text pictures and PDF files, and extract these texts into a window that they can edit. Free OCR to Word does not require an Internet connection to complete the work.

After you download the application, it will be very successful even if your Internet connection is slowing down. Small disadvantage: This program means that you can download many documents by placing them in a zip file. It has proved to be impossible-with RAR compressed format. It is easy to convert text to an image file to your PC. Each photo-editing program allows you to add text to images, fonts and colors in your own selection. But try to do it in a different way? What if you have some text that you can do in the shape of the scanned image document, and you want the text to have an editable type? The text in the image is no longer text. It is just a collection of pixels that may be as easy as an elephant in a prose paragraph.

Therefore, in order to develop a scanned page back to the text, then we need to use something called OCR or optical character recognition. When a file has more than one column, you can check the page layout analysis button and try to divide the text into columns. Click the ocr button, wait a few seconds, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page as it refreshes. In the initial assessment, it got all the text right, but for one reason lurking in the document every t! didn’t know why it did it, but it did.
In the second evaluation with page survey enabled, it captures all the text, but the design shuts down completely.

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