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If the Wondershare PDF converter Pro processing conversion is superior to some of its competition, it may be worth the price; but in my test, it’s the result is quite extraordinary overall. The Pro version contains an OCR function that generates editable text in the scanned file, but cannot be scanned from within the program. Instead, you must scan the document, store it as a PDF document (because the application only recognizes the PDF document), and then import the scanned PDF into PDF Converter Pro. I used the application on a 58-page monochrome personal manual, and after the OCR switch, the application takes 4 minutes and 15 minutes to convert the guide to a Microsoft Word file; This is approximately double the amount of time required for additional software. Subsequent documents mainly include fixed-width (especially messenger) text, and many images are severely overcropped. When I switch OCR, the program completes exactly the same document exactly in 50 minutes, and the result is better, with variable-width text and good-looking, correctly reproduced images. I can edit the text in this document, regardless of the presence of OCR. In its credit, the application does not crash or hesitate because some other PDF utility comes with this particular test file, and it handles the page size correctly. For example, you might want it to capture only 1 to 4 pages of the first record, the second document, and the third document’s 39 to 65 pages.


However, only 1 output formats can be selected per batch, so if you are in a queue of 200 PDFs, they are likely to be Word files (or Excel files or HTML documents, or whatever). Not only does it not work but it is impossible to do most conversions correctly. Just like the malware loaded into your 8, it is. Surprised my antivirus didn’t find out and quarrantine it! Try to perform the conversion tonight and somenow it will never convert a PDF to Excel or MSWord, but it converts each PDF file extension to my system to display as a Word file. When trying to start a document that should function as a PDF, it tries to start because MSWord doc, just hangs rather than opens. The solution is to transfer from a PDF to a msword extension file, and in the file property notification This is a PDF file. This work also restores all files to the PC on the PDF as they shoujld already. Because the PDF Converter cannot convert a PDF file to EXCEL or WORD, all changes to the file name extension on the system are caused by this reason.


We have not done any other actions, such as preferences. To make things simpler, developers increased support for drag-and-drop, thereby removing the sometimes time-consuming work of browsing PDF files. When you add it to the Task list, a list of details is automatically given, including the file name, its dimensions, the total number of pages in the document, and the page you want to convert. Wondershare PDF Converter is a special fact that it can bypass secure PDF files to protect and copy information to the new format without difficulty.

We test the application to PDF files with all the security measures enabled, save the print and PDF converters to deal with exactly the same speed. Moving to HTML is the only work that supports a simple set of options. There is no fancy available, only select the background color options and ignore the image options in the PDF document. Conversely, if you want to keep the image, you can adjust the compression scale by dragging the slider from 1 to 100%. The program is ideal for switching to Microsoft Word (version 2010, 2007 and 2003 is encouraged), PowerPoint, HTML and plain text. Drag-and-drop support makes it a breeze to add a PDF file to the job list, and the process itself is fairly fast (you have a progress bar to monitor the progress of the project).

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